De Jong, Wilkinson support each other as second ballot choice 

BURNABY AND VANCOUVER – BC Liberal Leadership candidates Andrew Wilkinson and Mike de Jong are asking their supporters to cast their second ballot for the other candidate in the Feb. 1-3 vote. They issued the following statement:

“Only marking a first choice on the ballot could mean someone’s last choice becomes leader – without that member’s input. This race is too important to be decided by a process. It must be decided by all BC Liberal members casting a ballot. 

That is why we are working together and asking ask our supporters (and every single BC Liberal) to mark their ballots with the two of us as their first and second choices.

We share a lot of values and experiences. We were key team members rebuilding the coalition after the 1996 loss. We have attracted the majority of support from caucus from every corner of the province. We are committed to renewal of our party as a first step to getting out, engaging with British Columbians, and winning their support and the next election.

Both of us know the BC Liberal Party is the party for British Columbia’s future. What we have heard from members is we are the two candidates ready on the first day to lead the party in Opposition and in earning the support of British Columbians to win the next election.

We invite all our supporters to join us in working together to rebuild BC’s most successful political party.”


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