NDP Failure to Act on ICBC Report to Blame for Mounting Losses

BURNABY – BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Mike de Jong said the NDP’s failure to act on a report that’s been in their hands since they formed government is the reason why losses continue to mount at ICBC.

“The NDP need to get beyond blaming and start governing. David Eby has had a report on ICBC options on his desk and he’s done nothing with it. He had a mandate letter that told him to prepare a detailed plan to present to the public. That hasn’t happened and the problem continues to get worse,” de Jong said. “The BC Liberals knew there were problems which is why we began making changes, incorporating new procedures. Instead the NDP sat there dithering.”

In December 2016, the BC Liberal Government Ministry of Transportation asked ICBC to conduct a comprehensive independent review of the fairness and affordability of basic insurance rates. That report, Affordable and effective auto insurance – A new road forward for British Columbia, was delivered in July 2017 by Ernst and Young consultants. Page 8 makes it clear action needed to happen immediately – “there are proven solutions available — but this additional work needs to start now.” The full report is available here:


“Three months ago the NDP talked about a $300 million problem. Now they are talking about a $1.3 billion problem. That’s happened on their watch. Instead of looking back the government better get used to doing its job – dealing with the present challenges and looking to the future,” de Jong said. “The NDP inherited the strongest economy and the strongest set of books. I’ve heard constantly about the size of the surplus. Not even six months into their term the NDP are already talking about a return to deficit – and that’s because of their own failure to act.” 

“The NDP seem to be setting up excuses for not delivering on their expensive election promises in next month’s budget,” de Jong added. “It’s time the NDP admit that it’s a lot harder to govern when you want to deliver on your promises.”