De Jong Clear Winner in PG Debate – Pat Bell

De Jong Clear Winner in PG Debate – Pat Bell

One thing was clear here in Prince George today – Mike de Jong showed he is the only candidate ready to lead the party today, to hold the NDP accountable, and to win the next election.

Mike was clear in the debate – It is time to elect politicians who will back their words with action. Mike de Jong has long track record of action and now more than ever we need a leader that can deliver – Not Rhetoric. Not slogans. Not empty words.

His vision about what to do with the results of fiscal discipline is clear – we invest it in programs like early childhood education that benefit British Columbians and help further strengthen our economy.

Mike also showed he knows all the regions of this province – and how to unite them. He acted like a premier when he called for national unity to fight the greed of American forestry companies and their countervailing duties.

His commitment to move operations of the ministry of forests to Prince George has really caught the attention of British Columbians and BC Liberals. The fact that if elected he will look to doing more to move government operations closer to the citizens that use government services. This could really strengthen our province – and give communities a stronger voice in government.

Mike is ready to lead our party and is ready to be the next Premier of British Columbia. If you agree please share this email with your friends and family – and get them involved in the BC Liberals to vote for Mike.

Pat Bell