De Jong, Wilkinson support each other as second ballot choice 

Leadership races are about defining the party for the future. Candidates are asked: how do you see our party shaping the future of British Columbia? The stakes are high.

I have been part of rebuilding the BC Liberal Party before. It is a team effort. The team must be balanced, representing those with different points of view but a common commitment to our values as BC Liberals.

This is why I have decided to work together with Andrew Wilkinson to ask our supporters (and every single BC Liberal) to mark their ballots with a first and second choice.

Your votes for first, second, third and even your fourth favorite candidate make an incredible difference. Only choosing a first choice means we could end up with a candidate who wins that has less than 50% support. This race is too important to be decided by a process. It must be decided by BC Liberal members like you.

I strongly believe our party is the party for British Columbia’s future. Andrew and I have heard from members that we are the two candidates who are best qualified and most prepared to lead the party in Opposition. We are the leaders who can build the support of British Columbians necessary to win the next election.

It is time to come together as a party and I ask you to mark a second choice on your ballot.

Andrew and I share a lot of values and experiences. We were key team members rebuilding the coalition after the 1996 loss. Together, we have attracted the majority of support from caucus. And we are committed to renewal of our party as a first step to getting out, engaging with British Columbians, and winning their support and the next election.

Let’s work together to rebuild BC’s most successful political party.