Former MLA for Parksville-Qualicum Calls Mike de Jong Winner of Nanaimo Debate

Former MLA for Parksville-Qualicum Calls Mike de Jong Winner of Nanaimo Debate

The BC Liberals need a leader ready to hold the NDP accountable.

We need a leader ready to prepare the party for the next election.

We need a leader who has the experience, the ideas and the energy to defeat the NDP in the next election.

Today’s debate in Nanaimo made it clear that Mike de Jong is the best choice to be our next leader.

Mike’s made it clear again and again that we cannot defeat the NDP by outspending them. We need to outsmart them.

That’s why he’s committed to making sure government lives within its fiscal means. Not because it’s fun – but because it’s the key to unlocking a better future for everyone. As he showed in the debate, his track record is delivering on his commitments.

His ideas harness that strong economy to benefit British Columbians:

  • Today I was pleased to hear Mike talk about the need for an expanded community forestry program to allow locals to decide where to send that fibre, including to value-added manufacturing
  • Giving the next generation a head start with optional early Kindergarten for four-year olds
  • Helping make housing more affordable by breaking the logjam of local government approvals
  • Making government more accessible and accountable by moving government operations closer to the people and the economic sectors they are dealing with.

Mike knows all parts of our province and all parts of our party. He’s ready to lead us and ready to be the next Premier of British Columbia. 


Ron Cantelon

Former MLA for Parksville-Qualicum