Former Social Credit Minister, Reform BC leader supports Mike de Jong

Former Social Credit Minister, Reform BC leader supports Mike de Jong

Team de Jong continues to grow with today’s announcement that former Socred cabinet minister and leader of the B.C. Reform party Jack Weisgerber is backing Mike de Jong to be the next B.C. Liberal Leader.

“B.C. political history is clear – we have to keep the free-enterprise coalition united if we are going to defeat the NDP in the next election. Mike de Jong is the right person to do this,” Weisgerber said. “Mike de Jong is a team builder and has the vision to keep the free-enterprise coalition together. He is ready to defeat the NDP and lead the party and the province as the next Premier.”

Weisgerber was the MLA for Peace River South from 1986 to 2001. In that time, he served as a cabinet minister, interim leader of the Social Credit party, and leader of Reform B.C. He has continued to support the B.C. Liberals since 2001 election as the free-enterprise coalition needed to defeat the NDP.

“I’m honoured to have the backing of a man like Jack Weisgerber.” de Jong said. “His support of the BC Liberals in 2001 made our province stronger. His support today will help us keep moving forward as a free-enterprise coalition.”

Team De Jong now includes current MLAs Teresa Wat (Richmond North Centre), John Martin (Chilliwack), Simon Gibson (Abbotsford-Mission), Mike Bernier (Peace River South). Also on the team are former MLAs, Pat Bell (Prince George-Mackenzie), Ron Cantelon (Nanaimo-Parksville), Patty Sahota (Burnaby-Edmonds), and Fort Nelson Mayor Bill Streeper.