Making Housing More Affordable

Making Housing More Affordable

Families deserve the opportunity to own their own homes. But a lack of new housing supply is hurting this opportunity, our communities and our economy. Meanwhile about 120,000 homes are waiting for approval. We can increase the supply of homes, and make them more affordable for families, if we can shrink the decision timelines in city halls and increase the number of homes being built.

Mike de Jong announced today that if he is elected Premier his government will legislate timelines for municipalities and regional governments to make quicker planning decisions that will help increase the number of homes built.

He would also provide financial incentives for local governments who commit to:

  • Streamline approval processes and work to make them consistent across communities.
  • All residential proposals of 50 units or fewer would be through the full zoning and permitting process in fewer than 10 months.
  • Enhance the capacity of their planning and zoning to meet these timelines.

We can get shovels in the ground within 10 months – something that will begin to address our housing supply issue and tackle housing affordability.


You can read the full announcement here.