Ride Sharing Update

Ride Sharing Update

NDP, Greens reject fairness in ride sharing consultation

Today I introduced an amendment to a motion setting up a committee to review ride sharing.

It’s a pretty basic concept – if you’re going to change the rules of the game you need to talk to those people most impacted by any possible changes.

That’s why I rose in the Legislature today to call for a critical change in how the MLA committee looking at the future of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft in B.C. and if and how they will be introduced and regulated.

My amendments added one thing – that the committee look at the impact changes would have on existing taxi licensees and those employed in the taxi industry.

I also suggested that the committee should be able to have more than three days of hearings with expert witnesses if needed.

I’m not suggesting what the outcome should be. I am arguing that reaching that outcome needs to be fair for all those impacted.

Sadly, these simple changes were rejected. The voice of the taxi industry will be denied in this process.

The NDP and the Greens decided that they want to look at changing the entire passenger transportation industry without looking at the impacts on the people today making a living and supporting families in that industry. That’s wrong.

Watch my video about the role of the taxi industry as ambassadors.

I’ll keep raising these concerns to make sure they are heard in government.