Mike de Jong

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Why I’m Running for Leader

When BC Liberals elect our next leader on February 3, they will be choosing the best person to lead the fight against the NDP, the best person to communicate a compelling vision in the next election and the best person to lead the province as the next premier.

To build our province and build our party we need to do three things:

To build our province and build our party we need to do three things:

  • Hold the NDP accountable now
  • Ensure government lives within its fiscal means
  • Use the results that flow from the strong economy to benefit all British Columbians – and further build our economy

Serving on the teams of two leaders and premiers has given me the experience I need to deliver on each of these three tasks. I’m ready today to start the job – and lead the BC Liberal Party back to government.

If you believe what I believe, I invite you to join thousands of others, including MLAs and community leaders to be part of #TeamdeJong. Together we can build all we accomplished as BC Liberals – and we can go even further for the people of British Columbia.


Mike de Jong has served the people of Abbotsford and British Columbia since first being elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in 1994.

Mike has served as Minister of Finance, Minister of Health, Attorney General, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, Minister of Labour and Citizens’ Services, and Minister of Forests. He is also Government House Leader.

Before being elected as an MLA, de Jong served two terms as the youngest elected school trustee for Abbotsford School District, and was a practising lawyer with his own Abbotsford firm. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University in Ottawa and a law degree from the University of Alberta.

Mike de Jong

De Jong has also been involved with the Abbotsford-Matsqui Arts Council, the Matsqui Youth Commission, and holds the rank of Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces Air Force Reserve.

Still an avid hockey player, in his teen years Mike was a member of the Abbotsford Pilots Junior B hockey team. He attended Mouat Secondary School and still lives on the Matsqui Prairie farm where he grew up.


  • Solid fiscal management

    Five consecutive balanced budgets from 2013 to 2017 that helped reduce our operating debt while increasing the construction of hospitals, schools, and roads.
  • Record investments for British Columbians

    Funding for education, health care, and the community-building infrastructure rose to record levels while overall spending growth was controlled.
  • Childcare funding for hardworking parents

    B.C. Early Childhood Tax Benefit which provides up to $660 a year per child for childcare for 80,000 families.
  • Investing in our children

    Launched the $1,200 BC Training and Education Savings Grant to help families start saving for their child’s education costs
  • An open door for job creating investments

    Supported the B.C. aerospace industry to develop a more unified aerospace industry cluster in B.C., helping attract investment and integrated contract sourcing from aerospace global firms, and supporting innovative, skilled jobs.
  • A respectful relationship with indigenous British Columbians

    With the Tsawwassen First Nation concluded the first modern treaty under the B.C. treaty process.

    Established First Nations Health Authority — the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada.

    Started the first forestry interim economic agreement benefiting hundreds of First Nations.

  • Transparency and accountability

    Overhauled the province’s freedom of information system, as well as transparency of MLA spending, so taxpayers can see how their money is spent, see how decisions are made, and get that information sooner
  • Making prescription drugs more affordable.

    Introduced legislation that ensured generic drug prices were 80% less than name brand drugs
  • Nurse practitioners and mid-wives

    Expanded the scope of nurse practitioners and mid-wives so that doctors could focus on more complex patient care.
  • Reducing drinking and driving deaths helping to unclog our courts

    Introduced new laws that allowed police officers to administer roadside drinking tests and suspensions saving hundreds of lives.
  • Money laundering and illegal gaming

    Established and funded a new joint policing unit that targets money laundering and illegal gaming.
  • Diversifying our export markets

    Created Forestry Innovation Investment, which developed the first wood demonstration home in China, helping to make China our second largest wood export market. It’s now working to expand our forestry exports to India, along with other Asian and European countries.
  • Eliminating unnecessary red tape

    Completely revamped the prescriptive forest practices code by developing a results-based code that protects the forest ecology while keeping industry accountable without unnecessary red tape costs.